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 Mystic Valley Retreat

Mystic Valley Retreat  is located in the old town of Pulga  in Northern California. Nestled at about 1200 ft. elevation in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we are noted for our blackberry bushes, fresh air and pure mountain spring water. 

This Old Town

Many years ago this little valley with it’s abundant water, fish, berries, acorns, pine nuts and other natural resources was the sheltered haven of the Native American. The grinding rock on "Main Street" is evidence of those many families that passed through this area, stopping to enjoy this mystical valley.

map.JPG (105218 bytes)The property on which Mystic Valley Retreat is located is the old town of Pulga, which was established about 1885. The property was either homesteaded or purchased by William King over 125 years ago. William King worked for the railroad as a geologist. (or something to do with minerals) He choose this particular location because of the abundant minerals (we have gold,  jade, slate, and soap stone) as well as for the pure clear spring water, the mature trees of the forest and the rich earth on the sunny hillside in which to grow fruits and vegetables.

Mr. King was quite an entrepreneur; We came across an old article telling about Mr. King and what he accomplished here. According to the story he had abundant gardens and sold fruits and vegetables He had a small sawmill, milled his own lumber, made boxes for the produce, and he sold water to the railroad. If that wasn’t enough he operated a resort, a general store, and the post office.

I have been told that during the 30’s and 40’s this little valley was home to between 200 to 400 people. These were the men and their families who were either (depending on the era) gold miners, railroad employees, or builders of the highway, the bridges or the dams.

In the 70’s Mary Schooner, a granddaughter of Mr. King was instrumental in establishing a community in Pulga of about 60 people. These people were mostly artists and craftspeople. This group in the true spirit of community, working together and sharing the load completed many projects. One of Mary’s favorites was the building of the barn using only recycled materials and volunteer labor. This group worked together for several years and as the times changed and families grew the community slowly dissolved.

We still get people driving through Pulga, back to revisit old memories and relate to us some of the interesting stories of "this old town"


Check gas in Oroville. There are no stations after leaving the Oroville area. Make sure you have enough gas for a round trip. This would also be a good place to shop for food and last minute supplies.

Pulga Road turn off is approximately 26 miles past Oroville

  1. Take highway 70 towards Quincy
  2. Continue on 70 past Pentz road turn off
  3. Continue from Pentz road 14.7 miles to Pulga Rd.

Landmarks you will pass:

  • Vista point (on left)
  • Concow Rd
  • Rock house (on left)
  • C.D.F. fire station (on right.) and Scooters café on the left
  • Grandview (on right)
  • Plumas National Forest sign (on right) 

  • 2000 ft elevation sign (on right)
  • Turn left on Pulga Rd. immediately before the steel arch bridge. Note picture.
  1. Travel 1 mile down Pulga Rd., bearing to the right. The Tan house with the dark green trim on the left is # 413. (Lorraine’s home and Mystic Valley Retreat office)
  2. School building is the first building on the right coming from highway 70



pulgamap.gif (12643 bytes) Click thumbnail for map to Mystic Valley Retreat in Pulga, California

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